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Well here's a lot about me. I was born 05/19/1961 , so that makes me a Taurus (  ) . I enjoy anthing that runs on gas. I currently own a 1976 Honda cb750 Bobber (pic will be somewhere here) plus Ford trucks,IE , 1990 Ext cab Ranger, 2.9ltr, 5 spd (mine), 1994 Ranger Reg. cab 4.0ltr automatic 4x4 (wifes), 1979 F-150, 5.0ltr (roller  motor), 69 4barrel intake w/Edlebrock and headers, with a bulldog tranny,  and a 1989 Nissan Ext cab with 3.0ltr automatic 4/wheeldrive. Got my first bike (motorcycle) when I was 13 ! Traded my Schwinn Stingray for a 90cc H-D (not running) then a week later found one that someone had on the curb (to be thrown away   ), loaded it in the back of moms truck and hauled it home    , between the 2 with No manuals and limited tools I created 1 running bike    !!  I've worked all my life 'cept when unemployed    , but that's life.I've owned and ridden a number of bikes, owned 4 Harleys,the first 2 being the H-D 90cc ones, 1980 Sportster and a 1995 FXD Superglide, Honda XR75 (dirt),Honda 450 (street), Yamaha 250 smoker(street) and my current 1976 cb750 bobber    . I'm a jack-of-all-trades type of person !  I started in machine shops when I was 16,worked in factories,driven trucks, operated Heavy equiptment,been a mechanic in the automotive field. Worked in a Harley Davidson dealership (cool job), welded for 4 years in fab shop. I listen a very wide range of music (just don't like the    in your beer stuff (got enough drama already), married for 20+ years (hence the last statement,), 2 step kids in there 20's now, the girl married w/kids (yeah so I'm a pappaw) the boy is diabetic and legally blind but he's alright though. Have 70 acres out in the country so I can do pretty much what I want (given what money I don't have,lol). I'm currently trying to set up a motorcycle/welding business here at home welding bikes, hardtail conversions or anything else that pays      . I have 2 welders,  1 small Mig (110volt) and my baby, an Airco Dip-Stick 160 Multi-process (Mig,Tig,Stick) unit that's a 220volt unit. I've got a full size torch set-up, tubing bender, tools, so if you need something done and are close enough or want to ship it, drop me a line,at ([email protected]) or the address below .Hell if theres anything else you'ld like to know Ask !!  I'm a no-bull type of guy (the type person that if you don't want the Truth or my opinion,Don't ask), cause you may not like my answer!!     Well that's me    ! Thanks for reading................ If you want to email me send it here,  [email protected]

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    Dear Cougar, Sir this is one mean chop, it can be of transformed to a beauty so fast. Hope all is good by you. I am from Africa, never been over the sea. Also I started on here and english was not good, so now it is good. Hope you are in good health Sir. I am no good on computer and I am better in Email. My email, is  [email protected] net, so if it is fine by you, you can snd me your one, then i can atatch nice photos. Kindest regrards from a friend in wild coast of eastern side, SAfrica. Leon. You take good care now.

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    Chopper Nate

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    Welcome! Cool Bike!


    Reply from cougar:

    Hey Nate; Thanks for the Welcome! I like your bike as well !! Nice ...cougar...

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    welcome and good luck with the trading efforts


    Reply from cougar:

    Thanks for the Welcome Ron ! I appreciate the wishing of good fortune on the trading. Right now I need some Good luck !! Thanks,...cougar...